Recycling in Daily Life


Recycling has become an extremely important aspect of the modern world, especially for people who want to leave a healthy planet for their future generations. While governments and NGOs are taking initiatives for the betterment of the environment, their efforts are not close to being enough. Proactive participation of individuals and communities are needed to improve the condition of the environment. Initiatives like recycling always begin at home.  Many people across the world, including Ram Chary, try to explore multiple ways to live sustainably and have a hand in making the world a better place.

In the consumer-driven landscape of today, a major chunk of the populace as a growing appetite for new things. However, if they manage to look at the waste created by this level of consumption in a different light, it is possible to turn problems into an opportunity.  No matter whether it is made of plastic, paper, or aluminum, a large number of products people have all around them can be used after they fulfill their original purpose. It is estimated that almost 75% of all the waste can be recycled or repurposed, if the process is done right. Most commonly recyclable items include clothing, glass, metal, paper, batteries, biodegradable waste and plastics. If a person is not throwing away their used cola cans or paper bags, and repurposing them for some other use, then they are actually recycling. Hence, engaging in recycling can actually be pretty simple for people at home, if they put their mind into this habit.

The natural resources of the world are finite. A few of them, in particular, are pretty short in supply, making recycling a necessity. At the fundamental level, recycling paper and wood can save trees and forests; on the other hand, recycling plastic would lead to the creation of less new plastic. By recycling, glass one can reduce the use of new raw materials like sand. Even though the reality of it is much more complex, this fundamental process is still valid.

In addition to trying to recycle items on the individual and community level, people should also try to support NGOs that work for the environment. Ram Chary, for example, supports Oceana, which is a nonprofit that focuses on how people can start living sustainably to have a better city. With the assistance of such organizations, one can learn how to recycle properly. This system basically involves separating, collecting, and re manufacturing or converting used or waste products into new materials.  Recycling aids in extending the life and usefulness of an item that has already served its initial purpose by choosing to return it to its raw materials, and subsequently making the use of those materials to produce something that can be used. It is a part of the three golden rules of sustainability, which are reduce, reuse and recycle. Such an approach benefits both humans and the environment around them.

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