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This is the room in the house where the family gathers, where precious things are displayed – silverware, photographs, art objects, and valuable objects – where you relax after work, watch TV, read, and chat with the people around you. Due to its versatility, this room requires a variety of multi-functional lighting.

Living rooms nowadays also serve as dining rooms, creating an open space with the kitchen

, so that the living room becomes a very populated space, lively and a place of gathering and relaxation.

What is the best way to design living room lighting?

When you buy a house or when it is being renovated, you must take into account the amount, quality, and type of light in your new environment.

When it comes to living room lighting, there are several solutions to consider. The five tips in the following points will help you define a path to begin your project:

  1. Lighting accessories
  2. General lighting
  3. Stand Lighting
  4. LED lighting
  5. Workstations

Next, we’ll examine each suggestion in greater detail.

1. Lighting accessories

There are several lighting accessories you can use to create different light effects in the living room and to personalize it to your liking.

2. General lighting

With the entire living room lit, you will not have any dark corners. A single ceiling lamp or a series of spotlights are used to create different light points in a central place, where the table and sofa are typically placed.

3. Stand Lighting

Illuminating certain points of a room or certain objects can be done either by using a wall lamp or by putting it in a showcase, library,, or in a painting.

4. LED lighting

It is useful to use halogen lights or an intense white light to bring focus to a corner of the room, since this type of light is very bright.

5. Workstation

As a work station, the living room would benefit from a light that creates a play of light and shadow to delimit various work areas.

If you would like to dedicate a space in the living room for reading, you can use a floor lamp or a table light positioned on the furniture.

Here are some mistakes you shouldn’t make when lighting your living room

For a living room to have the right ambiance, the lighting must adhere to the rules of style and design. To achieve this, keep these things in mind:

  • You shouldn’t use one light source in the entire room, but you can’t use spotlights everywhere either.
  • Illuminate the table, but do not use colored lights;
  • The lighting should be adjusted to create an ambiance that facilitates conversation and relaxation.

These parts of the house are usually adorned with chandeliers. It is important not to overdo it with this solution. The use of floor lamps, suspensions, appliques, and other more elaborate pieces, combined together, can create the jumbled effect.

Choose just one solution or a mix of solutions that fit together perfectly, creating harmony and integrating the entire environment.

On the table, a rustic chandelier with a particular design or fine manufacturing could be an ideal choice depending on the size of the living room.

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