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The term aeroponics means working air, which is the Greek word for air and labor. It is a form of hydroponics that involves the growth of plants without the use of the soil. Rather it depends on the air so that it delivers the nutrient-rich mist to the roots of the plants. There are various Aeroponics in India that will provide the services that help in the plants’ best growth. It is the most effective and efficient method of growing all types of plants. This method will also mean that you will be able to grow vertically and horizontally.

History Of Aeroponics

As time has passed, various agricultural system variations have been advanced and developed to better suit the changing operations and the diverse plant’s range. The first aeroponics was initially used in the year 1920s for the academic studies of the growth of the root.

They were not the real contender till the late 90s.

When NASA initiated to look for the options for growing food in environments that do not have soils. While the process was going, aeroponics quickly gained popularity in places where traditional farming was not an option.

How Does Aeroponic Work?

Aeroponics in India and these systems will help nourish the plants with nothing more than the nutrient-laden mist. The building concept of the hydroponic system, in which the roots will be held in the soilless growing medium such as coco coir. In the coco coir, the nutrient-laden water is pumped periodically. These usually dispense along with the growing medium, which leaves the roots so that they can dangle in the air. They will be periodically puffed with specially-designed devices for the misting purpose.

When planting the seeds with aeroponics, the seeds are planted in foam pieces and stuffed into tiny pots. These pots will be exposed to the light on each end, and the nutrient mist will be on the other end. The foal will also hold the stem and the mass of the roots in places as the plants will grow.

Advantages Of Aeroponics

There are various advantages of Aeroponics in India. It eliminates the growing medium as it is very freeing for the roots of the plants. The additional oxygen will be exposed to the results in the enhanced growth of the plants.

The systems for aeroponics are highly water-efficient. It will close the loop system, which uses 95% less irrigation when you compare it with the plants you will grow in the soil. Because the nutrients are in the water, you will be able to recycle them easily.

Other than these efficiencies of aeroponics, the eco-friendly reputation is heightened due to the ability to grow a significant amount of food quantities in small spaces. The goal of Aeroponics in India is to employ indoor vertical farms, which will become common in most cities.


The use of aeroponics is growing throughout the world and will continue to grow. It is considered to be the best option and alternative to the traditional method. To increase the extent of the plant growth, it is always better to place it in an appropriate location.

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