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A home with a fireplace certainly looks coy. You love to sit in front of the blazing fire during a chilly winter evening, basking in the warmth and comfort. Sure, you will not have the fire going at full blast once the winter begins to lose its bite. You may want to invest in one of the modern and attractive contemporary fireplace screens when you prefer to warm your room to protect your health from the associated winter perils.

Purpose of a fireplace screen

Protection- The predominant purpose of having the right screen installed in front of your fireplace would be to prevent the tiny sparks of fire from entering your main room and setting an accidental fire. Besides, it is an ideal way of keeping the children and naughty pets out of the danger.

Aesthetic Appeal– The huge fireplace does not have to stand out like a sore thumb when there is no fire in the hearth. You are welcome to utilize a beautiful screen created out of eye-catching materials to shield the area and please the eye of the beholder.  From rustic style to contemporary, there is no dearth of attractive screens today. Take your pick to do up the interior.

Types of contemporary fireplace screens in vogue

Glass & Brass Deco– The ‘less is more’ theory holds good here. Opt for a smart fireplace screen crafted out of tempered glass. The screen may consist of multiple folds and will provide a clear view into the hearth without making you susceptible to sparks or flame. You may consider brass brackets to hold the folds together. You can make your fireplace, mantel, or other tools in the vicinity showpieces by augmenting their cosmetic appeal too. Sure, the glass and brass combo may be too ornate for your liking. Go for a more contemporary look by replacing the brass brackets with shining, stainless steel.

Double Doors– Cover the fireplace fully and comfortably without marring the aesthetics of your room. Have a couple of fine mesh doors bordered with strong industrial-style metal frames. You may use iron, steel, or brass as per your liking.  The mesh will keep the sparks restrained and your kids well protected. You are welcome to open one or both doors when t is time to tend to the fire blazing within the fireplace.

Geometric Design– You cannot go wrong by installing a fireplace screen as a direct contrast to the pristine white fireplace. Intricate geometric patterns in black will grab instant attention causing it to be the talking point in the neighborhood. Simple yet elegant, it speaks of an understated appeal that is perfect for a modern home.

Sleek and Minimal– Forget the magnificence and opt for a simple and sleek style that is more attuned to modern living. This is a great choice if you are not too invested in the old way of living. Install a sleek glass screen that remains all but invisible. The flames will be seen through the transparent glass perfectly making it both classic and contemporary.

Choices abound when you are eager to invest in contemporary fireplace screens. You are also welcome to ask for customized screens if you want a unique one.

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