Lung Cancer Screening


Lung cancer screening is vital in detecting whether you have lung cancer. This cancer screening is recommendable for older adults who were long-time smokers during their youth days and didn’t exhibit any cancer symptoms. Sail along to learn more about lung cancer screening.

Imaging Techniques to Detect Lung Cancer

Imaging methods incorporate sound waves, magnetic fields, x-rays, or radioactive substances, which produce pictures of your body. If the imaging results conclude you have lung cancer, it is advisable to seek lung cancer treatment Newport beach-based treatment. Some of the reasons why imaging solutions are recommendable in the diagnosis of lung cancer include:

  • To evaluate the progress of lung cancer treatment
  • To determine the extent the lung cancer has spread
  • To detect any areas cancer may have spread to

CT (Computed Tomography) Scan

This scan utilizes x-rays to come up with detailed images of your body. Unlike the regular x-ray, which captures 1 or 2 images at a time, CT scanners can capture several images and then combine them to show a segment of your body.

A CT scan is able to detect the presence of lung tumors and any lymph nodes that may be cancerous. In addition, CT scans are vital in detecting any masses in the liver, brain, and adrenal glands that may be present due to lung cancer.

Chest X-ray

This is the first test you will be examined for before your doctor prescribes further treatment. A chest X-ray will check for any abnormalities in the lungs.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) Scans

MRI scans are vital when capturing clear images of soft tissues. MTI machines utilize strong magnets and waves as opposed to x-rays. MRI scans are mainly used to detect whether the lung cancer has spread to the spinal cord or the brain.

If you experience symptoms such as coughing blood, prolonged chest pains, or pain while breathing, it is advisable to seek medical attention before worsening. Lung cancer is treatable once it is detected early.

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