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What you do when you are looking for the answer of  general knowledge trivia questions ? Or what is the easiest way to find the right answer, a book or Google search query?

I would never read a recipe book; if I am planning to make my favorite, hot sour soup tonight, instead I will go to YouTube or Google to search a recipe.

Online education and learning taking over traditional education, but it doesn’t mean that traditional education will drop out of sight.

Before deciding on which education is best to choose, traditional knowledge or online learning, it is necessary to know the pro and cons of both.

This article has broken down the essential factors for each of them, continue reading, know the strength of both, and decide which one is suite you the most.

Traditional education

Traditional learning is best for the younger champ, teenager, and children who had joined the school. Children learn with other fellow students in the class; they interact, which helps them to be in better disciplined, to improve their fitness, to follow the schedule.

Traditional learning in the classroom helps teacher and students in the best manner. In the school, the teacher can quickly evaluate their weaknesses and strengths in the best way. The teacher also has an opportunity to guide their students in future career possibilities.

Students can also share their ideas, views, and clarify their learning difficulties with the teachers, so in traditional education, they get the right answers with detailed explanation.

Most often, the teachers highlight the selective chapter from the books, which is very useful for passing exams.

Classroom learning proved to be very handy due to the enormous interaction between teachers and students, which helps the students to get rid of fear about the exam. Also, these interactions keep motivated students.

Online learning education

Online learning is the best way to get professional level courses to develop their qualification and enhance career opportunities.

If you are a full-time employee in the management of the factory, you will not attend the traditional classes at college or university; instead, you will love to learn from online courses.

Online courses are the most convenient for all those who are a full-time employee or people with limited time; they can save their valuable time, energy, and money by attending online courses.

One of the best things in online education that anyone can take the courses with ease from anywhere; you are at home, office, metro, or in the park.  For online education, all it needs your time; you can spare some time even from your busy schedule and continue learning.

Although, in online education, the teachers are not interacting directly with the students. So if you have any questions and looking for further explanation, it may difficult for a teacher to explain like a traditional class.

However, online tutors most often offer a live webinar to come to live, answer the question, and clarify their confusions.

You can have a choice to interact with teachers via emails, blogs, online forums, etc. Using all these possible interaction ways are very helpful for students.

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