Standard and large excavators are useful for mega-scale construction and infrastructure projects where you need power, reach, and big depth. These hefty excavators can deliver some serious digging power that is ideal for commercial and large-scale construction projects. Because of the weight in excess of 45 metric tons, they are suited for digging foundations for shopping centers, apartment complexes, and dam construction. With their massive-sized buckets, they can move and handle large volumes of soil and other construction materials.

So, if you’re looking for equipment that outperform with speed and power, a large excavator can be your best pick. They are deemed best for bulk excavation applications with challenging environments. You can use a large excavator for extensive earthmoving, construction, mining, and quarrying projects. These machines are reinforced with features to suit tough site conditions with exceptional loading and excavating capacity.

Large excavators come in two configurations – crawler mounted or tire-mounted. A crawler-mounted, also known as chain excavators, are best for working on rough and uneven terrain. But they are slow to move on project between multiple sites. That’s where tire-mounted comes handy, it can provide the required mobility and ease of shifting.

Anyhow, here’re some projects large excavator hire machinery can be used for:


If you want to undertake mining project, you need to think big. Having the right type of heavy equipment can make a big difference in your financial benefits and outcomes. Large excavators with their powerful hydraulic engine can excavate hundreds of cubic meters of material per hour and is thus ideal for mining operations. Their long-reach boom allows the operator to move excavated earth out of the way and extract materials. Mining industry typically require ultra-large hydraulic excavators that can work for large-scale surface mining operations. You can use them to perform tasks like shot face to top loading truck with overburden to cracking out of a virgin bank. Large excavators have been a forefront of the mining industry for several years.

River Dredging

River dredging projects involve removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of rivers and other water bodies. A large excavator is a must to have equipment for such projects. It will help you remove sand, silt, and debris from the river for maintenance or restoration. Long-reach excavators are commonly used for dredging inland waterways. You can use clamshell buckets to custom hydraulic dredge bucket to speed up your work and meet project deadlines.


Long-reach boom excavators are revolutionizing the way how they demolish building. Gone are the days for the hit and trail methods like ball-wreck method. A long-reach excavator can give you precision and speed at the demolition site. They are even much safer for the operator to stay away from the risk of falling material. With such, these excavators also help in separating and salvaging materials.

Building construction

Large excavators are the workhorse of the building site. They can shift more material, are often cost effective excavators for hire, and can do the entire earthwork operations like digging footing, pouring concrete, grading gravel or even laying asphalt.

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