Making the Flower Cone


When you have seen the flowers in the cone so it will make your mind that how to make it. Can I make it at the home? Is it easy to make? Various questions will arise in your mind if you are taking the interest in it. If you would like to give the gift to your friend or relative so utilize the Pakistan gifts online and place the online order to send the gift to your loved one.

If you are an artistic mind and would like to make such things at your home so you will easily make it. But you require the idea that how to make it so when you will find it so you will easily make it at your home.

The required Things

If you would like to make the flower cone at home so various things you will need to make that are listed below:

  • Flowers
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • The card sheet of A4 size.
  • Ribbons
  • Stapller
  • Tissue paper

Cutting of the Card

Cut the card into squares of 20cm. Measure the size first before cutting. Then these squares will be cut in half in the triangle form. Then you can make the cones by these triangles easily. If you would like to make the big cone so cut the big square. Then the same method will apply.

Roll it to make the Cones

The next step after cutting the sheet is to make the cone. The one side of the triangle is long and the two others are short so hold the lower side and then started to roll so the cone will make then make paste the tape thus the cone will not open.

Pop the Tissue paper

Gather some tissue paper and then make the ball of this tissue and then pop this tissue ball in the cone. It will look adorable and resemble the cone ice cream. If you would like to insert the tissue paper inside so you can also put it.

The Time of Adorable Flowers

If the flower stems are too long so cut their stems too short because it is essential to adjust the flowers into the cone. The size of the flowers must be perfect if you would like to place them in the jar after removing them from the cone so you can easily place them.

Select the flowers of the distinct colors because it will give the adorable look to the flower cone. The flower’s fragrance touches the heart of the people and it gives pleasure to the human heart and mind.

Play with the Lengths of the Stems

Not all the lengths of the flowers must be the same because the difference in the heights of the flowers will give the adorable look to the flower cone. Arrange the flowers according to yourself that what type of arrangement you like.

Secure the Cone and Arrange the Flowers

Now, you have to start slotting the stem of the flowers in the cone. Then secure it in the tissue because if you will not secure it so the bottom of the stem cut the card sheet that will tear the cone of the flowers and then it will look bad if you will give the gift to others.

Securing all the stems of the flowers is essential to enhance the life of the flower cone. thus it will not create a bad impression on the receiver.

Insert Small Stems

When the cone will be full from the stems of the flowers so insert those flowers that have small stems. Then fill the entire upper cone from the flowers because it will create a nice impact on the cone. Hence it will become adorable.

Attach the Ribbon Handle

It depends on you that you would like to attach the ribbon to the cone of the flowers or not. If you would like to hang the flower cone somewhere in your home so attach the ribbon. Select the color of the ribbon according to the colors of the flowers and the cone.

Order the flowers along with the adorable gift for your loved one and make your loved one happy by creating a nice impact on her heart and mind. Then send a gift to Pakistan online.

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