Hidden Cost of Moving House and How to Avoid It


A total of 35.7 million people. That’s how many Americans move every single year. With that many people moving every year, you’d think that people would understand the costs associated with their move.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the cost of moving house locations is often more than they think. Keep reading to learn the hidden costs of moving into a new home.

Utility Costs

The last thing you want is to arrive in your new home and have no water or power. If you aren’t careful, that’s what will happen.

Some utility providers will disconnect services when the old owner leaves. You can potentially face an activation fee when you call your provider to activate your service. Figure this out before the move, so it’s taken care of when you arrive at your new home.

Storage Costs

You won’t always have the chance to unload your possessions as soon as you make it to your new home. Whether it’s because the house isn’t ready yet or your possessions arrive before you do, you need a way to store your stuff.

Every night you need storage will add to your moving cost—research storage locations near your new home to find the best price. Try to ensure you have a storage location lined up before you ship your things to your new home.

Hotel Stays

Long-distance moving often takes longer than a day. If you move a long way away, it’s tough to make an overnight trip. In situations like this, you’ll need to book a hotel.

Your charges will depend on the level of comfort you need. Just be sure to add the maximum amount you want to spend on hotels to your moving budget.

Packing Supplies

You can’t just throw your possessions in the back of a truck and expect them to stay safe. Things will move around when you’re transporting them. If you don’t protect them with the right packaging, you’re going to end up breaking something.

You’ll need to invest in the right packing supplies and learn how to pack for moving house locations. Talk to your local supply store, and they should be able to help you find the right tools for the job.

Heavy-Item Charges

If you want to simplify your move, working with a moving company is the way to go. However, that does come at a cost.

If you have a lot of heavy items, expect a surcharge for each one of them. This fee can add up if you plan to move a long distance. Make sure you learn more about what fees movers charge so you don’t get a surprise fee.

The Cost of Moving House Locations Is More Than You Think

Your cost of moving house location isn’t complete once you submit the down payment for your new home. You have to move your belongings, make repairs, and handle any extra fees.

It’s hard to figure out the real average cost of moving house locations since there are so many variables. Make sure you understand your actual cost of moving, so you aren’t hit with any surprising fees.

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