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Ever since the pandemic, more and more companies are working remotely. Evencompanies that have adapted to work remotely early in the pandemic are stillstruggling to establish effective remote work arrangements.

With different time zones comes different availability time of employees. Remote working has been a struggle for employees dealing with the unavailability of high-speed internet service at home. For effective remote work, establishing a healthy work routine and investing in a stable internet connection is essential. Signing up for Cox Internet Plans is one of the bestways to access high-speed and stable internet service at home.

While this is for employees, business leaders are having a hard time handling global remote teams.  Of course, this depends on multiple factors, but to deal with this further following are some helpful suggestions.

Establish Daily Huddles

Nothing works better for the global remote team than a daily conversation routine. Holding daily huddles not only helps in team bonding but also encourages team members into becoming more productive at work.

Daily team huddles allow team members to link with each other regardless of physical locations. They also encourage existing employees to get along with one-on-one sessions. This idea of conversation facilitates communication and fosters team collaboration.

Document Processes and Schedules

Long before COVID, many companies had a proper remote work team established. Remote working involves many disciplines to put into action. One of them is to document company processes and schedules. For effective remote work, employees across all time zones should be well guided about their schedules and the company’s remote work policies.

Having schedules and processes documented helps leaders with the effective communication process. For instance, if you want to chat with your remote team member, you would have knowledge of their availability. This way, you can schedule a meeting that suits their shift time.

Team collaboration becomes more effective with processes and schedules documentation as well.

Use Collaborative Software

For someone with a widely distributed team working at different time zones, using updated collaborative software is the best approach. It is highly advised to organize the system for collaboration. This includes using a stable and high-speed internet connection. As a team leader, it is your responsibility to ensure your employee have access to home office essentials such as a separate workstation, noise-canceling headphones, internet service, and a lot more. As we said earlier, Cox Internet Plans is the way to stable internet service at home at all times. So, this is one way to ensure the availability of the needful resource.

There are plenty of tools out there that makes remote work more effective. Just make sure you establish principles that help in passing deliverables at times.

Track Progress

The best advice for companies handling remote teams is to make tracking progress easier. One of the key factors to establishing the availability of remote system is identifying key performance indicators (KPI). In other words, you should make sure you share the goals and targets with your employees. This can be managed on a spreadsheet so that the whole team knows the KPI to achieve quarterly.

Stick to Principles

To manage a remote team, it is important to create and stick to work principles. Make sure there is a set time for meetings and conversations so that your employees can show their availability. Rest, tracking progress, assigning tasks, creating conversation huddles and more helps leaders in establishing an effective remote work system.

There You Are!

We hope these easy and simple steps help you manage your global remote team. Of course, managing things is not easy, but you can solve all these problems with the right remote working management practices.So, Good Luck!

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