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People who want to reset their bodies without making a long-term commitment are looking for three-day detoxes on the internet. The term “juice cleanse” or “citrus detox” often comes to mind when people think of a diet that eliminates everything but a specific food or ingredient. The general expectation is that this will “throw-out” toxins from your body, giving you the boost, you need to get going.  However, even after three days, our bodies cannot truly detoxify. Additionally, eliminating only one type of food or drink will not work. During a three-stage process of bioactivation, conjugation, and transport (elimination), our bodies have a lot to do. In addition to emptying our colon, we are working to move toxins from our cells: Consequently, a three-day liquid diet is insufficient.

Phases of Detoxification

This also applies for withdrawal from alcohol. A genuine metabolic detoxification is a full pattern of the three phases, and that takes time. We need at least 10 days to help our bodies get rid of toxins better, and if you’re especially toxic or have never done a metabolic detox before, even longer. The three phases of detoxification are as follows –

  • In the first phase, called bioactivation, enzymes turn toxins into reactive intermediates that need to be neutralized quickly. Enzymes neutralize the toxins
  • In the second phase (conjugation) by transforming them into a water-soluble, non-toxic molecule.
  • Toxins are eliminated from the body during the third and final phase of detox—transport.

Food is Vital During Detox

During the detox process, food is very important. The most important thing is to get healthy food at every stage. For effective support, a variety of whole foods are necessary; Your body has a lot to do, and cutting out all or most of your food is bad for it. Additionally, a detox cannot be successful if only one “magic” ingredient is consumed. The consumption of macronutrients found in whole foods—did you notice the plural? —is the primary source of energy for this biotransformation process. Because drinking water aids in the elimination of toxins from the urinary tract, hydration is also essential for detox. Enzymes and antioxidant micronutrients are also found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, supporting a healthy detox. Cancer prevention agent nutrients like nutrients A, C, and E; minerals like manganese, copper, selenium, and in addition, a number of phytonutrients derived from plants possess antioxidant properties that shield the body from oxidative stress.

10 – 28 Days Detox Plans

As a result, the detoxification philosophy at standard process includes a 10-day or 28-day detox plan with complete nutritional support for each metabolic detox step. The conclusion is as follows: To effectively and safely remove toxins from the body, a true metabolic detox requires time and a variety of nutrients. We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, so a “three-day detox” or a “special detoxifying ingredient” won’t help your body detoxify effectively or make your detox mechanisms work better.

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